Having lived in rural Northern Chester County outside of Philadelphia for more than forty years, certain trees, streams and viewscapes have become old friends.

     They change through the seasons and years but being fortunately protected, some places like James Mill still look the same as they did when Benjamin Franklin passed by on the way to Warwick Furnace to have his famous stove cast. The James family still lives at the mill. For a few years I interpreted these places in the muted colors of Polaroid transfers.
    More recently I’m using photo image technologies that span over one hundred years including pin hole photography, point and shoot Holga film images, turned into digital negatives that are then printed out in the summer sun on platinum/palladium coated watercolor paper. These one of a kind images reflect the layers of seasons, time and place offering a multilayered   experience and understanding in the present. This past winter and summer has also included new extreme weather conditions witnesses in these images. Landscapes are the commons we share with the eyes of the ancestors and hopefully with good care taking with the new eyes of the future generations.